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How much can I save?
People generally save upwards of 50% on their utility bill

Do I ever pay anything?
Unfortunately, solar is not free energy. At Heliogold, we install the solar panels at little to no upfront cost. There are several options tailored to suit different needs to purchase power, lease a system, or buy a system. We work with homeowners to find the perfect solar solution for their home.

What happens if I sell my home?
The title of the system will be transferred to the new homeowner. It cannot be taken down and reinstalled at a new residence, it comes with the home just like the kitchen.

Who is responsible for maintaining my roof and system?
The licensed install company is legally required to fix any install-related roof damage for ten years. They are also contracted by the state and panel manufacturer to maintain system repairs for ten years, unless the system was purchased and is owned by the customer, in which case the customer is responsible for maintaining the system.

How does solar power work?

When the sun shines, solar panels collect energy from the sun. The panels take the sun's energy, and convert it into usable electricity. The useable electricity flows from the panels, through the new meter, and into a home.

What determines whether my home is a good candidate for solar?

A member of the Heliogold team will conduct an on-site survey to determine if your home is compatible. Here are some examples of what we look at to confirm solar is a good fit:

- Roof size, angle and direction

- Shading of the roof by trees, other homes, etc.

- Roof stability

- Electrical wiring

Will my roof type work with solar?

At Heliogold we offer solar options for a variety of roof types, including: Comp Shingle, Flat Cement Tile, Round Cement Tile, Clay Tile, Rolled Comp, TPO/Membrane, Tar and Gravel & Wood Shake. If your roof isn't a fit, we also offer Ground Mount systems, Custom Patio Builds, and Custom Car Port Builds.

What Customers are saying about heliogold

Getting solar shouldn't be confusing. Check out some of our frequently asked questions for some answers for you. Are there other things you'd like to know about solar? Send us an email and we'll answer your question ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions

"We had just purchased a house and were really interested in solar since we have a large monthly electric bill from SDG&E. Mandy was one of many sales reps that came to our house, her friendly demeanor and knowledge about her product and finance options was what drew us to use Heliogold. We don't regret our decision either. We had one of the best panels installed and running within a couple of months!"

Melissa W.
Escondido, CA

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